2:54 pm - Tuesday February 4, 1242

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Digg has been de-indexed by Google

Every month we read news about big companies getting smacked by Mr. Panda and Mrs. Penguin. Its like Google is continuously working to target big giants. Last Week Matt Cutts discussed regarding a Panda at SMX. Its seems that Digg has been suffering...

Clueless FBR: How to Tax Google?

Citing the unnamed sources The News reported that Google will be soon paying tax to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The FBR is the authority which is responsible to take tax from individuals and business in Pakistan. But still the FBR has...
Google Buzz Error 404  Not Found !!

Google Not Being Updated Internally

Google, the giant of the internet is far from its own internal updates. Still there is a link to the Buzz in the footer of Google correlate. If you click on that you will get to 404 error page. The engine which alerts you about your broken links...
Green Computing Initiative

Google Owner Larry Page Paused Utilizing Google+

Google Leader Larry Page popularized Google+ soon after social media website was published at the end of June to write congratulatory comments about the release of Google+. Mr. Larry Page even utilized the brand new social media program Google+...