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5 Best Buy Gadgets For Your Small Business

Every small business needs gadgets to remain productive. There are some recommended gadgets to keep business flowing and profitable. If your small business is in need of increase efficiency and productivity, consider these five gadgets.

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1. Square

If your business accepts credit cards from customers, it is good to have a Square available for transactions. When making sales away from the office, Square can access and process payments with the help of an iPhone, Android smartphone or iPad. There is a small per transaction fee that equates to 2.75 percent. Artists can especially appreciate this application when selling their artwork at outdoor events.

2. CarCheckup

Many executives and sales people travel for work. These people must keep up with their mileage to ensure it can be deducted from taxes appropriately. The tax deductions for mileage are fairly substantial. This device plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle to track mileage. The data is stored on a USB drive and can be later transferred to an Excel file and manipulated. The device tells the driver whether the trip was business or pleasure, and it also records how far the vehicle went. This device is not compatible with Mac users or hybrid cars.

3. ScanSnap

ScanSnap is a portable scanner designed by Fujitsu and is recommended for organizing business documents. The device will scan the smallest of receipts and also import business cards. The device also has automatic optional character recognition (OCR). Important files must be digitized for easy access when out on the road. The device is only 11 inches by three inches by three inches. It features an automatic document feeder and will scan as many as eight double-sided documents each minute. The information is then transferred to Word, searchable PDF and JPG. This makes it possible have a paperless office and reduces the potential for losses. The device only weighs 12 ounces and features a highlighter option for important keywords.

4. InboxQ

InboxQ helps business owners search through Twitter and find the posts that are relevant to business. Business owners know what is being said on the forum. They can answer questions and build a loyal following through Twitter. The tool is available for free on the Internet.

5. FastCustomer

FastCustomer is an iPhone application that waits on the phone with technical support or customer service for you. The software will call the company chosen. The application has certain companies added to the database and will only call those customers. After the application has done the dialing and the waiting, you will only spend a few minutes with your customer service representative on the line. The application only costs $1 and can save business people an average of 60 hours of wait time annually.

Consider These Five Best Buy for Small Business

Every business should invest in these gadgets and others. These gadgets will improve productivity and efficiency. Since time is money, the gadgets will save money by reducing the amount of time required to complete tasks. Obtain these devices for the best results.

Written by Beth Gadd

Beth runs a small business in IT related field. She operates at home while also has recently signed up to one of the virtual office packages. She believes having an executive office address in central business area for meeting clients definitely helps to build the creditability of her business.

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