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Microsoft Releases WP7 HealthVault App

Windows Mobile, the current third place mobile OS, has been steadily gaining ground when it comes to the amount of apps that they have. Of course, we probably can’t expect them to get close to the other big boys as of now, but where they lack in sheer number – they make up for with depth. In any event, one of the newest apps to roll out of the Windows 7 Marketplace is the HealthVault app; an application that can help you access your personal medical platform. And while that may sound a bit mundane for a few of you, it does contain some pretty decent features that is worth some closer examination.

Microsoft WP7 HealthVault App Microsoft Releases WP7 HealthVault App
But first – let’s talk about the most extensive and significant features of this app. Those who have chronic conditions like asthma or high blood pressure can manage themselves without much of a hitch. Also, you have the ability here to create a “health card” of sorts, which displays all of your information. This information can include immunization records, allergies, or even some medications that you take. It’s actually pretty extensive, and even allows for you to enter information for the members in your family, allowing you to have all of their information in your pocket.
As far as the aesthetics of the app is concerned – it’s pretty slick. Every app in the Windows Marketplace is much that way, steeped in the Metro user interface that just makes everything look very polished, especially when it comes to navigation. You can easily slip from tile to tile, accessing any of the health information that you feel pertinent at the time. And if you’re keeping track of your fitness, you’ll find that there is much in the way of goal-setting and dietary information. Also, with it being a Microsoft released app, you can choose to use the cloud to keep track of an even wider range of health information, such as operations you’ve had or recent dietary changes.
All in all, this is a pretty decent app – one that’s free on the Windows Marketplace. Of course, there are litanies of others on the other mobile operating systems, but it is a pretty big testament to what Microsoft has been doing of late. The HealthVault application is definitely a pretty impressive effort on a smartphone operating system that may not be getting the credit that it deserves. But, a lot of critics will say that with the recent surge in apps and the release of Mango, Microsoft is finally starting to create a sufficient buzz.
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