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Apple iPhone 5s Rumours – Whats This New Fuss all About?

iphone 5s Apple iPhone 5s Rumours – Whats This New Fuss all About?

It has been nearly three months of the release of Apple’s most awaited iPhone series. Apple recently launched its iPhone 5 in the market which hasn’t reached to the boundaries of many countries but the rumours of its Apple iPhone 5s have started circulating in the market. We all know that Apple launches a new range of smart phones every year and so because of this these rumours spread every year. These all rumours have started from many forum. That forums seems to be claiming the new iPhone 5s back pictures in it. The pictures resemble the iPhone 5 except the few screw holes in it. These all have given rise to the speculations of release of iPhone 5s in the market, but it all seems to be a hoax. In this regard another rumour was being spread by the website called Digitimes. This Website has been criticized for spreading wrong rumours about the applesmart phone series and its release date.

iPhone 5S Rumors Apple iPhone 5s Rumours – Whats This New Fuss all About?

Apple’s Naming Convention and Specs

Here the point of debate is Apple’s naming convention i.e whether it will be iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or the new iPhone. This is because of the change in release cycle of Apple that is form 12 to 6 months. According to a leading commercial times it has been rumoured that Apple will start the trial production of iPhone 6 or 5s in December 2012. But now the question is that wheter the rumor holds any percentage of truth or not? All one can do to get answer to this question is wait and watch.

But all these rumours of release of iPhone have showed us that we might expect the changes from mid-year overhaul. It is being expected that there will be improved specification with retaining design to cope up with fast pace of the component development and change in supply pricing. Although these website can’t be entrusted regarding the release of iPhone but one thing is certain that new iPhone will consists of faster processor, more RAM and same design. By this apple will surely try to short out the problems of some customers that camera puts on purple hue in overly lit photos. Another website Phone review has rumoured that iPhone 5s will be released with dual-sim functionality giving fight to Samsunggalaxy s4.

iPhone 5S Release Rumours

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Believing the Digitimes report it is expected that the iPhone 5s will be released in the summer but the last apple release in summer was in 2010 and Apple hasn’t released any of its products after that. Although it is sure that if Apple will release its iPhone then it will be in the latter part of 2013, as Apple itself has set the trend by releasing iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It may be possible that Apple will skip the iPhone 5S and will release iPhone 6 in the market. Readers might be eagerly waiting for its release. Hope it launches fulfilling people’s all wishes and markets well.

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