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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Unveiled

Samsung has unveiled the latest handset in its Galaxy range, The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread the device is seen as an entry level smartphone but has improved its predecessors design.

The Korean manufacturer is intent on conquering the smartphone market in 2012, having predicted it will sell 150 million smartphones. It hopes to do this by securing every corner of the market from flagship, cutting edge industry leading devices, like the S2, along with entry level devices, like the Galaxy Ace Plus. More affordable, yet, Samsung hopes, more powerful than its competitors the manufacturer obviously hopes it will become a brand people stay with, much as they have with Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus comes with a 320 x 480p 3.65 inch HGVA display. It has a TouchWiz interface and 1GHz processor with 512 RAM and 3GB of internal storage. There is a micro SD card available which can increase storage to 32GB. There is also a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and an LED flash. It also comes with Samsung’s social hub and music hub with software allowing the download and edit of Microsoft office and PDF documents. Samsung have been keen to push the speed and power of the device designed for web browsing, downloading content and streaming video.

The Galaxy Ace Plus is the successor the Galaxy Ace, which was released in February last year. With a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen with 320 x 480 resolution and a 5 megapixel camera the device ran with an 800MHz processor with 512 MB of storage and also a micro SD card the Plus is clearly capable of running much quicker.

galaxy galaxy ace plus specs Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Unveiled

In 2012, we will continue to make every effort to create an easy and fun mobile experience by expanding our incredibly popular GALAXY smartphone range, which is now one of the most recognized and successful mobile brands in the world, JK Shin, president of IT & mobile at Samsung, said in a statement announcing the new smartphone.

User Interface of Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

The launch of the Galaxy Ace in early 2011 was the start of a hugely successful year for Samsung. Between July and September they sold 27.8 million mobile phone deals making them the world’s biggest smartphone maker, overtaking Apple for the first time. It was also, however, one of the devices to get caught in the legal disputes between the two manufacturers as the firms argued over patents.

As yet there have been no details released on the pricing of the Galaxy Ace Plus, or when it will be released although some have speculated it could be shipped as early as March.

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