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Emergence of Social Media – Strategies for 2013 You Can Pickup

lack of strategy Emergence of Social Media   Strategies for 2013 You Can PickupToday there is a big misconception regarding social media among B2B marketers. They don’t feel that it not only acts as relationship builder but also for driving bottom line sales. We can say that the virus of social media is the fear among them regarding this. Everyday report is seen that chief level marketing officers are still confused about the purpose and planning for the social media. A Better plan is required before start of 2013. When we talk to experts about this they only say that this is not their cup of tea. Once they learn about it that this is the part today which can’t be ignored then they pass this to any of the advertising agencies which looks into this matter. Here the biggest thing that they all are not considering is the fear of change .i.e. the after effect of this and this is the biggest obstacle in their path. Many of the today’s CMO don’t understand this social media strategy as they have not immersed themselves in this.

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Now the time has come to understand this social media strategy before 2013 begin and we have to take steps regarding this. They have to stop giving advertisements to the agencies which are making money out of this. In the offices, employees should be given time for accessing the Facebook and other social media. We have to stop quarrelling about the social media strategies. We all know that it is beneficial for the organisation in terms of customer satisfaction and monetary values. The timing values should also be taken into account as we all know that it takes hardly a second to connect to the millions of people out in the world and let them know about your products and services.

Growth in pair

Here the most important aspect is to be considered that we have to grow in pair and not alone. You have to grow up with your employees. The time has come when we have to stop treating them as idiots. In fact we have to understand that we can only grow in association with them as a pair. We have to stop being a bad ass, soul-less marketing executive and have to learn enough about this media channel so that we can become a leader in this. If you haven’t still perceived the meaning of social media then there are advisors in the market who can really be helpful in this regard. Also there are some universities who are offering course in this, such as the Rutgers University runs CMD programme in which the importance is given on the development of attitude towards the digital media.

We all have to believe in the advantages of the digital marketing and have to stop questioning that what its ROI (return on investment) are. Today we have to see that which companies are setting standards regarding this and the name and fame they have got after being associated with the social media such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. We have to see that if one is not on the path of social media then they are really on the path of irrelevance and don’t know where it will lead them to.

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