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SpaceX Gearing Up To Work for Military

The space transport company of America, Space Exploration Technology Corporation has announced its first contract with the US military. The contract was given on Wednesday. In this contract, SpaceX will be sending a satellite mothballed during the Bush administration. The eligibility of SpaceX for the Air force Business with the ULA (United Launch Alliance) competition will depend on the success of these two projects. ULA currently holds the record of largest Air force launches in the world.

 SpaceX Gearing Up To Work for Military

The Two Launches

Falcon 9 is the first launch of the contract which will be sent to a point in between the Earth and the Sun. This point will help the satellite to look at the earth easily without the interference of the Sun between the two. The second project is the launching of Falcon Heavy which will help in raising 50 tons of heavy materials and several satellites. The launches will be considered very useful for US military.

Falcon Heavy: Air force’s largest rocket

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX said about their deal with Air force Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle business (EELV). Falcon Heavy will be the largest rocket ever in the history of US Air force leaving behind the ULA Delta 4, present largest rocket of the Air force. This SpaceX rocket will have the capacity to hold 53 metric tons of heavy materials.

Mission Requirements:

If the Falcon Heavy Succeeds in carrying its payload to 720 km in its orbit, move to a position of COSMIC-2 weather for six microsats and about 8 P-POD CubeSat motions and after all this is done , Falcon Heavy should restart and revolve about 6000* 12000 around its orbit. After all this is done, then only the requirements for its mission would be fulfilled.
If spaceX succeeds in the mission then it can bid on 14 Air force launches out of a total of 50 in the coming decade.
The Air force Lt. General Ellen Pawlikowski announced this decision at the AIAA Space 2012 conference held on Tuesday. The increase in completion for Air force launching is a big step taken by the US Air force. ULA will surely like to prevent itself from this effect.

ULA’s Views

ULA stressed on its reliability factor when it was asked about the contract win by SpaceX. SpaceX has about 40 launching projects in hand which will keep it in news for next several years. This Air force transport company has contracts of launching about six rockets in 2013. The study was found in the launch manifesto of SpaceX’s own website. The company is putting special efforts to reach a level of launching a rocket every month in the coming years.
The other 36 Air force launches are in ULA’s hands so it is still on a safe side. It could clearly explain that there is no way its marketing would go down for several years in the future.

In any case if SpaceX succeeds in future, ULA will be strained to lower its market values and this will be what SpaceX wants to achieve.

Image Credit: NASA

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