11:51 am - Thursday January 28, 2016

PTA Has Not Withdraw Tax on International Calls

pta logo PTA  Has Not Withdraw Tax on International CallsAccording to the announcement which was done on Tuesday, the tax which the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) used to taken on incoming calls from international telephones has been withdrawn. Regarding this PTA has just issued a notification.

PTA cancelled the agreement

The agreement which was done on September 25 with LDI operators, under which the calls from international telecoms were taxed, has been cancelled by PTA.

Lahore High Court directed PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been directed by the Lahore High Court to submit a copy of notifications regarding the withdrawal of tax on the incoming calls from international telephones until December 13. According to the petition heard by the judge PTA was still charging tax on incoming calls from international operators.

Who informed the court

The court was informed by the counsel of PTA on Wednesday that the additional tax which PTA was charging has been withdrawn and after it withdrawal the tax it also request to dismiss the petition   The counsel of petitioner claims that the claim which was done by the PTA council is not true. According to them, PTA is still collecting tax on the calls incoming from international telephone operators. The Pakistanis who are in overseas are compelled to face this problem.

According to the order made by the judge a copy withdrawal notification should be produced. The petition was done by Brain Telecommunications Limited, Lahore-based local loop operator.

What other said

According to Barrister Umar Chaudhary of the petitioner counsel said that additional tax has been unlawfully imposed by the PTA since October 1, 2012. The phone calls which are made by Pakistani living in abroad to their homeland were charged with four times extra charges. He also claimed that the rule which was made by competition commission has been violated by PTA.

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