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Will YouTube be Banned in Pakistan Forever?

PTA still banning YouTube in Pakistan

The joy about the lifting of  ban on the biggest video sharing website; YouTube, cannot last a long when the announcement was made in a hurry by the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that the ban on YouTube is still in effect.

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According to Farooq Awan who is the chairman of PTA, YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan and government has not given any instructions to open it. And he also added that, there is no any instruction from telecom authority to operators for allowing the access to YouTube which is the world’s number one video sharing website. Before three months it was blocked for the anti-Islam film.

Awan said that, no any service provider has been instructed by the PTA to allow the access to YouTube in any capacity. He added that the service providers are being highly irresponsible so an inquiry has been initiated for that incident. He also suggested us to wait and watch for the outcome.

Response from Google

Google refuse to remove the clip of divisive video which was requested by the earlier Pakistani government. Referring the request one official from Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) said that, they cannot restore YouTube until it removes the divisive video clip. And he also added that, unless the instructions are provided by the MoIT, PTA can’t do anything regarding the website.

Three months ago Pakistan banned YouTube for publishing an anti-Islam film which was also protested by the Muslim world.

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Why YouTube was accessed

Due to the report which was mistakenly published from certain Medias which told that the biggest video sharing website YouTube has been officially lifted, in various part of the country through some service providers YouTube; the website which shares the videos, can be accessed.

What to ISPs which provided access to YouTube

The PTA added that the license of ISPs can be suspended or action might be taken to the ISPs which have provided the access to YouTube. Awin said that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who had opened YouTube will be taken into action after getting investigated.

According to some PTA officials, only if YouTube got the clear instructions from government then only it can be allowed in Pakistan. Before the video clip removal consideration, the government of Pakistan was asked for the agreement of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), by the Google Inc.

There are many chances for YouTube to start its broadcast or to become available in Pakistan. For this it just has to delete the current anti-Islam video and have to make the Pakistani government trustful that it will never publish or never allow its user to upload any video clips which will create conflicts in Islam religion or which gives bad information about the Islam religion and Islamic peoples.

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