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Warid Glow 1 Package Details

glow1 package details Warid Glow 1 Package Details

Warid Glow 1 Details

By Using Warid Glow 1 you can add 10 friends in your list, Warid give it name as Glow Gang Friend, its really great that warid offers 10 persons limit so dont need to leave any friend from you favorite list,

Rs. 1 +Tax is going to be imposed just for the initial On-net Glow Gang call produced in each day.

All of calling rates are without taxes

GLOW GANG: GLOW GANG is the term for ones own favourite and most liked 10 on-net numbers

On-net terms means are GLOW to all other Warid numbers

Off-net terms means GLOW to all other mobile operators and landline numbers

All Call rates are mention in above mention diagram

Weekdays refer to Monday to Friday

Weekends refer to  Saturday & Sunday

Peak hours refer to 8am to 11pm

Off-Peak hours refer to 11pm to 8am

How to add friends in Glow Gang

If you want to add friend in your glow tang send SMS Addto 129

If you want to Delete a GLOW GANG Friend send  SMS Delto 129

If you want to See GLOW GANG list send SMS List to 129

Warid Glow 1 Sms, MMS and Mobile Internet Packages Details

glow 1 vas tariff Warid Glow 1 Package Details

Warid Glow  10 Gang Friends TV Commercial

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    plz give me package of free mms on my number


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