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Warid Packages Information and Facts

warid logo Warid Packages Information and FactsWarid is considered the most well-known Pakistani Cellular Company, the consumers of Warid are raising amazingly, and it’s only as a result of top quality  network as well as acceptable call charges, its progress conceive me to describe all Warid packages in more detail therefore individuals can find clear advice regarding Warid which package is best. At present Warid is providing 6 Prepaid Packages, Warid make their prepaid packages Label as ZEM Prepaid,  Click here for Warid Zem Tariff

Warid Packages are as follow:

  1. Hourly Package
  2. Warid Minute Package
  3. Voice Craze   ( Weekly Package)
  4. infiNite Craze (Night time Package)
  5. Crazy Nites
  6. Sundays are Fundays

Warid Hourly Package 300x129 Warid Packages Information and Facts

1) Hourly Package

Its a fairly simple package through which people Warid customer can choose two hours within round the clock, These hours will be priced just Rs 3 /hour This package is useful however it is not really appearing preferable because there is several reliable packages in market

More details about Warid Hourly Package

Warid Minute Package RS 1 per minute every network 300x129 Warid Packages Information and Facts

2) Warid Minute Package

Warid’s Minute Package is probably the most affordable package amount all waird packages, in this package per minute rate is only Rs. 1.20/min on any mobile network and landline number in Pakistan, which enables you to take advantage of the best network excellent quality on flat rate

  • Warid to Warid  Rs. 1.20 /min
  • Other networds Rs. 1.70 /min

more details about Waird Minute Package

3) Voice Craze

Voice Craze? I’m not much of in support of this particular package, becasue it is probably the most high-priced package in general, well it’s personal thinking, the following is detail of the package and let the users make a decision themselves

Voice Craze is actually weekly package, within this package you will definately get 200 minutes

  • 125 on net (warid to warid) minutes
  • 25 minutes off net minutes (warid to other network, landline)
  • 50 voice talk minutes

Subscription price of this package is Rs 110 / week

Click her for more information regarding Warid Voice Craze

infinite pop Warid Packages Information and Facts

4) infiNite Craze

Night Time Package by Warid, Warid  called this package as infiNite Craze, this package is perfect for people that are looking for very long discussions all the nights, this particular package is extremely ideal for these people since they get very low call rates

You can make unlimited calls to your beloved person (5 best freinds and family), you’ll not impose any amount, as well as you can additionally send 2000 sms and mms without having any charges

Timing will be 12am to 7am and daily subscription charges is Rs 10

more information about Warid infiNite Craze

5) Crazy Nites

This package is same as mention above in Waird infiNite Craze, in addition to above package you can call your friends and family are in abroad Calls to UK*, USA and Canada are now just for Rs.1.5+tax per minute.

Daily Subscription charges is RS 25 more information about Warid Crazy Nites

warid zem sunday Warid Packages Information and Facts

6) Sundays are Fundays

Its considered one of exclusive offer by Warid, it’s outstanding package for all those individual that stay busy all week and get extra time on sunday, warid is providing best call rates on sunday, if you subscribe to this package you will charged just Rs 15

Timings: 8 am to 12pm

Get more information at Warid Sunday Craze

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