9:37 am - Thursday January 28, 2016

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Robots iPad App

Robots iPad App: Live Among The Robots with Fun

Robots have always captured our fascinations and imaginations. This new Robot iPad application can help us realize that how robots are nowadays becoming reality. Just think, robots for iPad? Is not it an extremely fun application which can keep...
BFS robot-scanner

BFS-Auto Robot Book Scanner – Scan Books at an Unbelievable Speed!!

In this era of High Definition capabilities the new generation is softly turning its face towards Technology. The designing of the BFS Auto Robot makes it more reflecting and highlighted. Computer technology is increasing day by day developing...

ROBOTS AT DELFT UNIVERSITY – Creating New Landmarks!

Robotics is one vast subject field which has been going through advancements since the day it was first initiated. The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been the crux of robotics. Robots first emerged after the Second World War in the Western...