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Using VoIP for Cheap Calls to Pakistan

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is the cheapest method for calling to any destination globally. For those people, who want to make a call to Pakistan to their friends and families, a reliable VoIP provider is a great blessing. Almost every big name, including Vonage, Axvoice, Ooma and Skype, has network coverage to Pakistan. So, only activation or sign up of a particular package is needed by the person willing to make cheap or almost FREE calls to Pakistan.

cheap call pakistan Using VoIP for Cheap Calls to Pakistan

Go to any research firm or just Google the desired key word, and you will get the detailed comparative analysis of the calling rates and plans of cellular, landline and VoIP operators in United States. On average, a person, who has signed up for unlimited call plan of a landline, or cellular, pays around $ 3 per day. While per day cost of availing VoIP is below 27 cents. So, you can estimate, analyze and conduct cost benefit analysis and that favors VoIP for sure. This is fundamentally, the biggest driver behind the unimaginable popularity of VonageAxvoice and Skype services.

If you look at the charges of leading VoIP companies to Pakistan, and compare them with that of landline and cellular services, you will be amazed to know the difference. If you call Pakistan using AT&T, you will be charged $0.36 per minute, while Vonage has varying rates, starting from 9¢ to 24¢. While Axvoice has competitive edge, as it offers the cheapest rates like 1.5¢ to 1.9¢ for landline, while on cellular networks the charges are around 4.5¢.  While the industry leader; Skype, charges from 7.5¢ to 14.5¢ per minute, for the calls to landline networks in Pakistan.

VoIP applications and communication system works with your internet connections, DSL/cable, whichever you possess. While, if you do not have internet connection, some operators like Comcast offer internet connection along with VoIP services. The rest of the services like Vonage, Axvoice can be operated on your existing internet connection. While comparing the listed rates and charges, keep in mind that these are as per the packages subscribed.

Like, if you have activated Pakistan package, your Skype call to Pakistan will cost you 7.5¢ per minute, while the rest of the calls will cost you at 14.5¢ per minute. Irrespective of doing a given operator’s analysis, it is certain that every VoIP call will cost you lesser than that of regular landline and cellular network. Moreover, unlike calling cards, here you do not need to call on a particular number before calling to your desired destination; instead, you directly dial the country code and calling number, and enjoy your conversation.

Another advantage of VoIP services is portability. You can use it on your Smartphone devices as well. For this, you just need to install VoIP apps on your BlackBerry, Android or IPhone and activate VoIP on it. The signed up package and subscription will work here as well, as you just need to log in and start making VoIP calls to Pakistan at highly cheap rates comparatively.

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5 Responses to “Using VoIP for Cheap Calls to Pakistan”

  1. Charlie Wilson
    January 2, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    The truth is VoIP has left land line phones far behind. There is no competition between land line phones and voip phone service. Right now, people are using the hi tech VoIP service not only on their touch tone phone sets but also on their mobiles and other PDAs.


  2. bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags
    January 3, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    this feature is great do share some more post like this


  3. Bryce Davis
    January 3, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    I agree that people are using VoIP phone services on their mobiles and PDAs but the fact is these PDAs and mobiles are used by a small minority around the globe. Majority can’t afford the high cost of these gadgets. Until now, you can’t use VoIP on low cost mobiles of Nokia and Motrolla.


  4. Ben Gansky
    January 5, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    Well we must not forget the flexibility of VoIP phone service. It is the only technology that can be used on anything. If you can’t buy a high cost iphone or Samsung galaxy tab, you can still use VoIP phone service on your ordinary touch tone phone set. You will be able to get all its features either you use it on your touch tone phone set, your mobile or any other gadget.


  5. khuram
    July 22, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    hello bilal bhai.. i need your help i parchase ufone card for call to my home in pakistan but i have a problem the cannot downlod.. please give me link or solotion how i get ufonemagic.. please please please Bilal bhai Please help me


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